Survey & Assessment

In order to reduce the risk of both sides of trade and the carrier, and the loss of goods in transit, we provide a one-stop survey plan for the transportation of goods. CCIC’s global network can monitor the goods in all directions before, during, and after embarkation. We can minimize technical discrepancies through the consistency of schemes and methods, as well as maximize service efficiency through global seamless internal links and direct data transmission. Customer rights and interests are guaranteed. Professional assessment will provide support evidence for our customers in aspects of business negotiation, pricing, contract signing & implementation, settlement, claims, arbitration, etc.

Your Industry

  • Agriculture/Aquatic Products
  • Manufacturing/Consumer Goods
  • Oil/Gas
  • Chemical/Minerals
  • Food/Consuming Goods
  • Construction/Building
  • Traffic/Transportation
  • Government Services
  • Supply Chain Services

Our Solution

  • Damage Survey
  • Quantity Survey/Weight Control
  • Loading/Discharging/Transshipment Supervision
  • Draft Survey/Volume Survey/Weighing by Scale
  • Inspection of Stowage/Lashing Survey
  • Packing Condition Survey
  • On/Off Hire Condition
  • Bunker Survey
  • Marking Inspection
  • Arts Appraisal
  • Luxury Goods Appraisal
  • Machinery/Equipment Evaluation