China Organic Certification

“Organic agriculture” refers to abiding by certain standards of organic agricultural production; not using genetically engineered organisms and their products in production, not using chemically synthesized pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, feed additives, and other substances, following natural laws and ecological principles. It coordinates the balance between planting and aquaculture, and adopts series of sustainable agricultural technologies to maintain a sustainable and stable agricultural production system of a mode of agricultural production.

“Organic production” refers to the production, processing, and marketing of products that meet China national standards of organic products for human consumption and animal consumption.
“Organic products” must have four characteristics at the same time:

  • Raw materials must come from organic agricultural production systems or wild natural products collected by organic means.
  • The whole production process follows the requirements of production, processing, packaging, storage, and transportation of organic products.
  • In the process of production and circulation, there is a perfect tracking and examination system and complete production and sales records.
  • Pass the certification review of an independent certification body for organic products.

“China organic certification” is a national voluntary certification business, implemented in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of China. The certification is based on the national standard of GB/T 19630 Organic Products, which includes four parts: production, processing, labeling and marketing, and management system.
Only those products which,

  • (Product) comply with the National Standards
  • (Operation) comply with Implementation Rules
  • (Farm/Factory) certified by China-Organic certification body

can be declared as China-Organic Products compliant and apply the logo of China Organic.

Certification Mode

Documents Check + On-site Inspection + Post-certification Management

Certification Mark

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