Project Management

Through its global network and expertise, CCIC provides its clients with Project Management Services focused on minimizing client risk.

During the different phases of projects, owners, contractors and all the participants are dealing with a whole range of concerns. The project has to stay on schedule, within the projected budget, and the quality has to be assured. Hence, a reliable third-party company with extensive experience in the field of project management and project coordination is of the utmost importance. CCIC provides a range of services at all stages of projects, from design, procurement, and construction, to operation.

With Project Management Services, CCIC coordinates the different steps in the review, verification, inspection, testing, and approval of all phases of industrial projects. Our teams of engineers and technicians assure compliance to regulatory and client requirements, witness relevant tests on-site, and supervise during production, construction, and commissioning.

Our Solution

  • Managing Certification Requirements
  • Reviewing Bids for Technical, Quality Assurance (QA) and Commercial Aspects
  • Support in Contractor/Supplier Assessment
  • Preparation of Inspection Plans
  • Review of Supplier Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Procedures
  • Carrying Out Inspections and Expediting During Manufacture
  • Witnessing All Equipment Tests, Start-up Test and Final Commissioning
  • Control of Quantities, Packing and Marking
  • Loading Supervision
  • Construction Supervision and On-site Inspection During Construction
  • Project Monitoring
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Health and Safety Audits
  • Environmental Audits