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For over 40 years, China Certification and Inspection Group has been dedicated to national quality assurance programs that help ensure the health, safety, and environment of citizens through the rapid development of testing, inspection, and certification technology. Our mission is for a more reliable world, where the quality of all products, and the people and companies that create them,are assured and publicly recognized.

Action deserves recognition – The CCIC TOP QUALITY MARK

We believe that reliability and, by extension, quality is the result of a commitment to complying with regulations and standards for products. This is in turn based on an enterprise’s willingness to produce qualified products, while always implementing and improving its effective quality management system to further drive value to consumers. With this in mind, CCIC has created the TOP QUALITY Mark program. Based on our 40 years of quality assurance experience, the CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark program provides a range of services that enables TOP QUALITY Mark holders to meet their commitment to produce products that comply with or exceed national or internationally recognized quality standards.

We realize that quality requirements have been updated from year to year and are now everywhere, and in various forms are applied to almost everything that touches our daily lives. Quality in all its various forms now represents the most fundamental elements that the modern world relies on. It exists in industry, agriculture, energy, aerospace, chemical, and food;all of the things we rely on everyday. Simply put – quality needs to be reliable because we all expect it to be.

Quality is an “invisible reputation”.On the one hand, enterprises are suffering from the erosion of their sales market by fake and inferior commodities. On the other hand, consumers are eager to discover product quality with technology and information.The CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark is designed to address these issues, helping enterprises stand out from unreliable companies, providing consumers with the tools and information needed to make informed purchasing decisions. Whether you are producing a product or selling a product, the CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark provides you with a third party stamp of verification, allowing your customer to know that you are following or exceeding a long established internationally recognized standard put in place for the protection of their health, safety, and environment.

Avoid Trading Risk by Ensuring Quality – China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) was established in 1980 to enhance public health, safety, and environment of China. You can rely on the CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark to maintain the integrity of product quality in China. Current CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark products qualify for this new initiative.

Applying for your TOP QUALITY MARK

Already been a CCIC verified product? If the quality of your products is already verified by us, then your products are already qualified to participate in the CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark program; you simply need to complete the attached registration form. There are no fees to apply for this program.

Not yet a CCIC verified product? If the quality of your products is not yet verified by us, then you will need to start your verification process by calling 1-604-278-0790 and making an application. Once the quality of your products has been verified by us, you will then be eligible to participate in the CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark program.


All verified products will be assigned a unique QR code with CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark logo that they can use for promotional purposes. Information on all mark holders is made available to the public through the ccic quality top website, linked to QR Codes and URLs provided by CCIC. A branding guide outlining the correct use of the CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark will be provided to all companies who own verified products. CCIC TOP QUALITY Mark holders get access to advertising, support and special mark programs developed to showcase their commitment to public health, safety, and environmental standards.