Canada Vehicle Certification

Reducing carbon emissions and actively participating in global climate governance have become the consensus and concertedaction of all countries in the world, which has a profound impact on the automobile transportation industry and also brings development opportunities to the new energy automobile industry.

Canada is the advocator and active participant of this action by setting higher economic cost for carbon emission.The close watch on the environment and climate change causes the public to think and change the way of transportation and increase the demand for clean energy / new energy vehicles, which provides new market opportunities for automobile manufacturers.

Certification is a technical barrier set up for the needs of public safety and environmental protection. Vehicles sold and used in the Canada market must conform to the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) and pass the certification of the Ministry of transport of Canada. In order to help international manufacturers meet this requirement, CCIC Canada provides professional certification solutions and one-stop solution based on the actual needs of customers, including purchasing order support, market access support, business support and after-sales support.

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