Supply Chain Services

To meet international market competition, enterprises must pay more attention to the design and optimization of supply chains. In order to gain competitive advantages, they have to improve the relationship between upstream and downstream, integrating and optimizing the flow of information, cargo, and cash in supply chains. The CCIC professional team provides integrated services in all segments to ensure operation with the lowest cost and the highest efficiency, to help you build a cohesive and high-performance supply chain.

Our Solution

  • Regulation
  • Standards
  • Categorization of Products
  • Market Access
  • GB Test
  • China Organic Certification
  • CCC Certification
  • BRC Certification
  • GFSI Certification
  • HACCP Certification
  • GAP Certification
  • Chinese Label
  • Traceability & Sourcing
  • Second-party Entrusted Audit
  • Bonded Warehousing/ Customs Clearance
  • Exhibition/Distribution
  • Importers and Exporters Registration
  • Quantity Survey/Weight Control
  • Loading/Discharging/Transshipment Supervision
  • Draft Survey/Volume Survey/Weighing by Scale
  • Inspection of Stowage/Lashing Survey
  • Packing Condition Survey
  • Bunker Survey