CCIC Canada Helps China Enterprises « Go Global »

20 Fév, 2020

CCIC Canada helps China enterprises « Go Global » by
breaking through the bottleneck of new energy vehicle certification of North America

In order to better help enterprises « Go Global », strengthen the understanding of Canadian and North American automobile market access laws and regulations, seize the market opportunity of new energy bus in Canada, and help manufacturing enterprises make close contact with the market, CCIC Canada invited renowned experts from Canada’s transportation and public transit industry to present a seminar on Nov.22,2019 under support of China Quality Certification Center (CQC). The theme of the seminar is « Certification requirements of North America (Canada) and solutions ». Total sixty-two representatives from forty-two domestic vehicle enterprises attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Minyan, general manager of CCIC Canada, analyzed the practical significance of development of new energy vehicles from the angle of creating a resource-saving society and actively participating in global climate governance and reducing carbon emissions.She introduced the market opportunities brought by the electrification of public transit in Canada to vehicle enterprises with a series of figures and examples, as well as how Chinese vehicle enterprises seize the opportunity of North America market under the assistance of CCIC Canada launched « North America vehicle certification fast track project » and « One-stop solution ».

Mr. Bob, former head of TransLink, chairman of CUTA and President of Transportation Science Research Institute of Washington, D.C., gave a speech entitled « Electric vehicle market in Canada », and shared the latest policies and dynamic information of transit market in Canada with participating enterprises.
Mr. Harry, an expert with more than 30 years of experience in North American automobile certification and working experience for Transport Canada, interpreted the laws, regulations, testing standards, certification procedures and practical solutions to avoid risks of market access into Canada and North America.

The meeting specially arranged face-to-face discussion and Q & A session for vehicle enterprises. Representatives of Yutong, Yaxing, Ankai, BYD and other well-known automobile enterprises actively participated in the discussion. Experts explained the specific concerns, which made the participating enterprises feel worthy of the attendance.

This seminar will help China new energy vehicle enterprises more accurately and comprehensively understand the North America (Canada) market and regulatory standards, clarify the fuzzy understanding, find a shortcut and establish confidence in developing the North American market. CCIC Canada will continue to optimize the solution to support China new energy vehicle enterprises to achieve their goals.