CCIC Canada was invited to give a keynote speech at the seminar “China Sector Opportunities from a Local Perspective”

06 Jun, 2022

On May 26, Li Minyan, General Manager of CCIC Americas and CCIC Canada, attended the webinar “China Sector Opportunities from a Local Perspective” hosted by the Canada China Business Council (CCBC), and was invited by the organizer as one of the five speakers delivered a keynote speech entitled ” CCIC- A Quality Service Provider You Can Trust “.

The meeting was held against the backdrop of the severe impact of the global epidemic on the economy. Companies from various countries are eager for economic recovery. As Canada’s second largest trading partner, China has always been a hot spot for Canadian companies. The “14th Five-Year Plan” issued by the Chinese government last year injects new impetus into the world economy and makes Canadian companies full of expectations. Therefore, CCBC invited Zhao Yong, Chargé d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Canada, and the director of the department of business, science and technology, and cultural and news of the embassy as the official representatives, and CCIC Canada as the representative of trade service industry, CCB Toronto Branch of financial industry and Petro-China Canada of manufacture industry, focused on the opportunities and risks of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for Canadian companies to develop in China. They told the “Chinese story” from their own perspectives.
CCIC Canada attaches great importance to this meeting, carefully prepared speech materials, and introduced CCIC’s services in the Americas to 70 local companies from various industries, including one-stop service for agricultural food testing compliance, preventive anti-covid-spreading service for cold chain, loading and unloading inspection for fuel and mineral products, as well as pre-inspection and testing services for bulk agricultural products. The speech received positive feedback from participating companies.
CCIC Americas will continue to increase brand promotion and marketing efforts, and build a service industry chain integrating technology R&D, testing & certification, standard setting & training in accordance with China’s “14th Five-Year Plan” and benchmarking world-class, through multi-level and multi-channel cooperation with regional counterparts, to develop localized one-stop services including inspection, certification, testing, measurement, traceability, trade services, etc., to take the initiative dealing with technical trade barriers and coordination of international rules so as to continuously improve service capabilities.
(The Canada-China Business Council was established in 1978 with the purpose of promoting trade and investment between Canada and China. It is an economic group of well-known companies with more contacts between Canada and China.)