CCIC Canada Trade Service Series: Pre-test

12 Jun, 2021

On May 31, Quebec honey exporter was pleased to learn that his first shipment of honey exported to China successfully passed the customs inspection with the test report issued by CCIC Canada. As the imported honey has been detected by Chinese customs such as American foulbrood of honey bee, European foulbrood of honey bee, small hive beetle, tropilaelaps infestation of honey bees, varroasis of honey bee and many other diseases, it has been monitored by the customs. However, the special collection and processing methods of wild honey make it not easy to guarantee the consistency of quality, which lead to a high probability of being inspected unqualified. It has become a problem plaguing Canadian honey exporters. After having received the customer’s entrustment, CCIC CANADA conducted random sampling according to the national standard before delivery, sealed and supervised the shipment, and completed the laboratory test according to the national standard items and testing methods. The closed-loop operation of the entire process ensures the representative of the test sample and accuracy of the test results. The customer can ship with confidence after receiving qualified test results.

As of April of this year, there had been 651 batches of imported food detected by the port customs as unqualified and not allowed to enter the country, an increase of 33% from 2020. The detection rate of unqualified food has always remained at a high level, which is worthy of the attention of food import and export enterprises. CCIC CANADA’s pre-test service can effectively reduce the risk of unqualified food clearance.