CCIC Canada joined the Belt and Road Inspection, Testing & Certification Technology Alliance

09 Nov, 2021

On October 25, CCIC Canada, as a founding member, participated in the contracting ceremony of the Belt and Road Inspection, Testing & Certification Technology Alliance. This event is jointly initiated by Shanghai Cooperation Organization Demonstration Zone Management Committee, Qingdao Customs, and Qingdao Market Regulation Bureau. A total of 12 Chinese and foreign inspection and testing institutions from Europe, America, and Asia participated in the contractor. CCIC Canada, as a representative of America institutions, was elected as the vice chairman member.

The food and agriculture laboratory invested and constructed by CCIC Canada in Ontario is opening to operations. We will take the opportunity to further strengthen communication with the Customs, expand cooperation with alliance members, and actively participate in the establishment of inspection and testing international cooperation and mutual recognition mechanisms to achieve “Pre-shipment test, Mutual recognition, Government adopted”, serving the international trade smoothly all the way!