CCIC Canada and Qingdao Customs Technical Center
Sign Protocol

03 Apr, 2020

CCIC Canada and Qingdao Customs Technical Center Sign Protocol on Mutual Recognition of Agricultural and Food Product Testing

“It is always our responsibility to serve the government and to stay close to the market, which is the key to the development and growth of the group.” The group company’s 2020 Annual Report – Seize the Opportunity, Layout and Reorganize the Package for the New Start- is foresighted to indicate the future development direction of the group. CCIC Canada actively learns, comprehends and implements the spirit of the report in the daily work. Taking government policy and clients demands research as the key to various business combinations, as well as to the goal of “ensure the quality of the goods and improve the convenience of trade”, CCIC Canada is taking the responsibility of and acting as the national team of inspection and testing.

When the Qingdao Customs Action Plan 2020-2022 and the six measures for trade facilitation with the Qingdao Market Supervision and Administration Bureau were released, CCIC Canada was keenly aware that these policies would bring rare development opportunities to the market-oriented business of overseas companies. CCIC Canada quickly responded and consulted the regulatory agencies to understand the relevant policies, and selected agricultural and food products with complementary resources and markets in China and Canada as pilots, and docked with the regulatory agencies to achieve cooperation and mutual recognition of inspection and testing.

The sudden outbreak at the beginning of the year brought great challenges to related work, but the mutual support and assistance of the Chinese and Canadian governments and people during the pandemic created a good atmosphere and opportunity for the comprehensive recovery of China-Canada economic and trade relations. Relying on internet technology CCIC Canada and Qingdao Customs Technology Center carried out technical consultations and program research during the pandemic, and eventually formulated a standard consistent, data traceable and risk controllable solutions. Recently, the two parties signed the protocol by remote video. The agreement not only provides a broader development space for CCIC Canada’s service capabilities and product line forming in agricultural and food industry, but also takes a step forward serving the customs to promote trade facilitation and build up a scientific system to ensure and accelerate the import and export of agricultural and food products. We look forward to positive results from this cooperation and to achieving replication and promotion as soon as possible.