Benchmarking International Peers, the Certification of Industrial Inspection Ability Has Been Expanded

14 Sep, 2020

Benchmarking International Peers, the Certification of Industrial Inspection Ability Has Been Expanded
– CCIC Canada’s Non-destructive Testing Capability Was Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)

After half a year of meticulous preparation and hard work, CCIC Canada recently received the certificate of non-destructive testing (NDT) capability certification issued by CWB, which further expanded the CCIC Canada’s industrial inspection scope and further enhanced its capabilities.

In order to develop the industrial inspection market and plan to build industrial inspection competence, CCIC Canada conducted in-depth research last year, established contacts with relative authorities and obtained support, and determined to take obtaining welding inspection qualifications as a breakthrough into the Canadian industrial inspection field. CCIC Canada made good preparations, invested the manpower and material resources and finally passed the on-site audit of CWB in December last year and officially became a welding inspection agency that meets CSA W178.1 standard. After obtaining the qualification, CCIC Canada has accelerated its market development efforts, deployed in the eastern, central, and western regions simultaneously, and targeted at the China company invested industrial construction projects in Canada and made subsequent progress.

As the overseas pandemic continues to worsen, many industrial construction projects have been suspended at the end of the first quarter of this year. However, CCIC Canada has made no slackens and actively used this window period to conduct analysis of customer needs obtained during the market development to step up the capacity building of the industrial inspection team, and take the expansion of NDT capabilities as the main point. CCIC Canada has invested in NDT personnel and testing equipment, improved the existing service system, management system and operating specifications. After less than 6 months of preparation, CCIC Canada submitted the expansion application to CWB and finally got the approval.

NDT technology has become an essential skill for global engineering project inspection. The test methods of Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) that CCIC Canada applied for this extension have all obtained certification. The recognition of CCIC Canada will strengthen the inspection ability for major engineering projects such as steel structures, bridges, heavy machinery, petrochemical equipment, transportation equipment, welding machinery parts, etc. on a global scale for future. And it definitely adds a reliable endorsement to the industrial inspection competence.